DIY Book Scanner

This is a semi-automatic DIY book scanner. Its features are: 

- Automatic acryl platen lift with stepper motor and linear bearing 
- Manual page turn 
- Two 16 Mpix still cameras with adjustable positioning 
- LED lighting 
- Remote camera control 
- One cycle (2 pages): about 6 sec. 
- Platten movement, LED brightness and remote shooting controlled by microprocessor 
- Adjustable cradle position 
- Key control unit with page number display 

A total of six book scanners were built and installed in Belgrade, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Berlin, Calafou (near Barcelona) and Stuttgart. 

All constructive details are visible on photos and drawings. The mechanical base is mainly made off melamine faced chipboards and FR4. Acryl platten holder is mounted on linear bearing, which is driven by stepper motor and controlled by microprocessor. The only operation which the operator has to do during the scanning process,is to turn the page of the book and to press the Start key. It will initiate the next sequence of steps:

- Acryl platen moves in the lowermost position and presses the pages by its weight
- LED lighting is forced to full power (12 LEDs x 1 W)
- Remote shooting is activated
- LED lighing is lowered
- Acryl platen moves back to upper (home) position
On the top of the book scanner, there are four sticks, used as holders for black cloth blinds, to avoid light reflection on the platen.