I have a lot of plexiglas (acryl) leftovers, so I decided to play around with them. For the beginning, I built this organizer, which appeared to be very useful. Now I don't have to waist a lot of time trying to find my 15K 1206 resistor, or BAS85 diode... and tens of other components, when I have to solder them on the PCB. There is not much to talk, everything is clear and straitforward.

SMD resistors are packed in thick paper tapes, which can not be bended easily, so they need larger containers than other components, which are packed mainly in PE tapes. My decision was 96mm diameter for resistors, and 63mm diameter for other components.
You can also see the vacuum picking tool, which I made of dispensing syringe and the thickest needle that I could find. I also used the aquarium air pump, with the suction unit turned in the opposite way, so that it maces vacuum instead of blowing the air outside. This process is described at
To tighten all plexiglass parts, I used M4 threaded rods. There is also a 1.6mm rod which holds all tapes in place and helps unsticking the transparent tape which covers the components. At the top there is a special place for a paper, which can be used for marking.
This is the Corel Draw drawing for acryl laser cutting. I had a lot of 5mm leftovers, so as most SMD components are packed in 8mm wide tapes, I needed two layers of acryl for every tape (red parts on the drawing). The barrier layers are made of 2mm acryl (the blue ones). Border layers (green) are 5mm thick again, and there are also the final borders (yellow), glued to the previous borders and used to "round up" the whole construction and to protect the screw nuts.

You can download the CDR drawing here: