Angle detection
This step is specific for each ball design type, as it searches for the underline pattern circularly. In this case, it is "T" pattern with short and thick medium line. This pattern is automatically adjusted to the circle diameter, which is measured two steps before. The resulting angle (in 0...511 range for full circle) is marked here as 2x2 red pixels, just for visual control during software development.



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1. Frame fetch
2. Ball locate
3. Stretching
4. Unsharp mask
5. Component selection
6. Holes and scratches
7. Component shrink
8. Invert selection
9. Component list
10. Select best circle
11. Angle detection
12. Rotate selected
13. Select broad lines
14. Selected components list
15. Components scaling
16. Histogram
17. MSE and voting
C. Conclusion