There is not much to say about hardware, as nearly everything is under software control.

Composite video signal, typically from the low-cost "cube" TV camera, is fed directly to the 8-bit ADC. The input voltage range for ADC1173 is 0-2V and, as one pixel of video data contains 6 pixels, there is no need to amplify the signal. The first half of dual comparator LM393 serves as sync detector, and the other half is for automatic analog level conditioning. There is also the video amplifier MAX4012, if the video out is needed.

VGA video out is not necessarry during operation, but it is very usefuul in development and adjustment process. Bits 0-5 are fed directly to the resistor ladder, and bits 6 and 7 are binary blue and red signals, respectively. As bits 6 and 7 are intensively used in picture processing, mainly for component selecting and grouping, this concept is very helpful during development, and yet simple.


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1. Frame fetch
2. Ball locate
3. Stretching
4. Unsharp mask
5. Component selection
6. Holes and scratches
7. Component shrink
8. Invert selection
9. Component list
10. Select best circle
11. Angle detection
12. Rotate selected
13. Select broad lines
14. Selected components list
15. Components scaling
16. Histogram
17. MSE and voting
C. Conclusion