This page is still under constructon. You can download the current version of firmware and PCB drawing RGC3.PCB (in Protel PCB format) to see how it looks, but it is not tested yet. I hope that there are no errors, but it will be tested only when I get PCBs. I did my best, but I am also not sure that there are no errors in port definitions, LATx, PORTx, TRISx, ODCx and RPORx in software for PCB v2 wiring. Anyhow, you can download PCB file and source files, they are zipped together.

The source file difference between version v1 (which is not included here) and v2 is that some port pins are changed, which affects LATx, PORTx, TRISx, ODCx, RPORx definitions and individual port pins. The PCB differences are visible on the  2.Hardware  page.

Note that there is still no bootloader in software, so there is no RS232 input support. It will be soon.
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